What this town needs is a …

3 Apr

Business is about the idea. Will it sell? Is there a market for it? Can you sustain enough buzz to keep selling?

So, friends and I found ourselves recently noodling around ideas for new entries in the local scene. Dave Barringer of Naked Winery was talking about the Sushi Bait Shop — you know, the first day the fish arrives, it’s sushi; the next day, it’s bait.

More seriously, Melissa Bailey was fantasizing about the space to be vacated by Annz Panz. She’d like to see (someone else start) a Four Corners Food Court — with a bakery, lunch stand, bento shop and cereal bar (yes, cereal — apparently such a thing does exist, somewhere, Fruit Loops and all).

Hey, how about Mini-Golf? It’s so retro, it’s hot. Or, like the friend of mine once suggested, a combination bar and golf practice range … called Drink and Drive.

Other ideas itching for a dollar?

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