Try something new

21 Apr

One of my favorite quotes is from the poet Ezra Pound. “Make it new,” he wrote. Question: Do you? How?

Sitting a hotel room on Kauai, I found myself thinking about an experience I had shortly before departing the Hood. My wife needed some guest checks for the restaurant she operates, and contemplated working in a side trip to Office Depot or somesuch on a trip to the airport. I suggested that she instead try what has become my favorite local printer in Hood River, Weatherly Printing. This is a classic old print shop, with reams of paper, piles of forms and stationery tucked into every nook. So old school, but the thing is, they get it done — quickly, with quality. And at very good prices. Which is more than I can say for their local competition — always challenged to simply return a phone call, let alone get’r done.

So, Kathy runs up there, and the guys quickly print up some guest checks with her business name on them, for what she felt was a very good price.

I share this story, because I think that sometimes, we get the idea that the lack of competition in Hood River prevents us from getting goods or services at an affordable price and of a quality comparable to what we might get in the “big city.” Yes, that happens, but if you take a look around, you CAN find options.

Another new favorite of mine, by the way, is Infinite Graphix, also on the Heights, not far from Weatherly. Juanita and Eli have gone great work, on short turn-arounds, for good prices, on everything from plastic-core signs to banners and decals. And they will return your call.

If you’ve been frustrated elsewhere, check these folks out. You DO have options.

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