Gorge Guide online delivers slick look at heaven

19 May

Congrats to Jeff and Annisa Jones, for surviving the first birth of the Gorge Guide under their ownership. And congrats to Pete Fotheringham and Carol York, for midwifing the new baby. Annisa is restocking retail outlets around the area heading into Memorial Day Weekend, so if you need some, give her a call. You also may want to check out the cool new Gorge Guide online. It’s got a nifty little page-turning app that lets you eyeball the print publication, page by page, and zoom in when you want more detail. To use the buzzword du jour, it’s (all together now) … sustainable. They’re tweeting, too, so sign up if you want guidance via tweet. They also are developing a FREE online event directory, but it’s not THEIR job to gather that information. If you want your event listed, let them know. You can e-mail Annisa, or call her at 541-386-7440. Did I mention that it is FREE?

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