Eggebrecht Bakery to open in June

23 May

Congrats to Michael Eggebrecht. He’s firmed up a deal to acquire the business assets of the former Panzanella at 5th and Cascade in Hood River, and plans now to open his new bakery in early June. That’s only a month behind when he first told us he had hoped to open, breaking all records for opening sooner than the Law of Inevitable Delays would suggest. Eggebrecht, who helped found the original Loafer’s in Bingen in 1996, says Eggebrecht Artisan Bakery will focus first on the crusty, rustic loaves that make a dinner — with or without other foods. Once he gets that nailed, then he’ll think about sweet breads. No, not sweetbreads — breads that are sweet to eat.


2 Responses to “Eggebrecht Bakery to open in June”

  1. Michael September 8, 2009 at 8:20 pm #

    June, July & August have passed. Do you know, has he given up, or will we have a bakery back at this location?

    • stuwatson September 9, 2009 at 1:15 am #

      No signs of life there. Word is, Michael pulled back from the deal because of some unresolved financial issues with the previous tenant, and pressure from the landlord to start paying rent. A shame, really, because the bread was fabulous. Keep fingers crossed that Michael lands his bakery somewhere else downtown. It would be a great addition.

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