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Check out Full Sail sustainability vids

28 Jun

You may have seen that the state of Oregon recently honored da Hood’s original craft brewing company, Full Sail Brewing, for its sustainability efforts. Check out two videos, one from CNBC’s “People, Planet & Profit” series, the other a look at the Full Sail program itself — featuring founder Irene Firmat, brewmaster Jamie Emmerson, secretary of state Bill Bradbury, Portland city commissioner and sustainability guru Dan Saltzman, and city of Hood River public works director Dave Bick.

For my money, I’ve always recycled the water used in Full Sail beers. It’s hard work, but worth it.


Wind Fest … more buzz in the air

24 Jun

First it was the kiters last weekend (and Thomas the Tank Engine at the Railroad), now it’s the boardheads — and Thomas again.

That’s right, the weekend of June 27-28 not only ushers in another passel of kiddies to check out Thomas, but it also lures boardheads with bulging checkbooks to check out the newest sailing gear. It’s thje annual Wind Fest, organized by the Columbia Gorge Windsurfing Association. Activities this year will be concentrated entirely at the Event Site, whereas in the past the group’s Pray for Wind Party took flight from the waterfront to the Hood River Inn.

If you’ve got a business and want to share a promo coupon, flyer, decals or other giveaway promo crapola, let me know and I’ll get it to the organizers, who are trying to stuff schwag bags for people who win auction items.

What’s on tap? Beer, for one thing, and music, and food. Here’s the schedule.

Wind Fest and Pray for Wind Party

  • Gear Demo: 10-4 Saturday and Sunday  — $5 for CGWA members  $10 for non members    (This is a good time to join or renew if you haven’t gotten around to it )
  • Food by Taco Del Mar and Beer by Full Sail: 12-8 Saturday and 12-4 Sunday
  • Expression Session: 4-6 Saturday
  • Tess Barr’s Blues Band “Live”: 4-9 Saturday
  • Silent Auction of Awesome Swag: 10 a.m. – 7 p.m Saturday
  • Live Auction of Even More Awesome Swag:  7 .p.m  – 8 p.m. Saturday
  • Parking at the Event Site: $3 Season passes honored

Swap Meet
Sunday 7 a.m. to 11 or noon  in the Full Sail Parking Lot to the West of the Full Sail building near the Event Site
Free for Buyers; $10 for Sellers

Bits ‘n’ pieces from around the town

21 Jun

Thanks to Carol Thayer and son William at The Enchanted Alpaca for a great Coffee Clatter event Friday morning. Lots of people sharing news about their businesses. Don’t miss the next one … Good chat with Craig Holloway of Golf Etc. at the groundbreaking event for Mid-Columbia Medical Center’s new Mind Body center in The Dalles: He’s survived a year, and business is up in double digits. That’s news we love to hear … Looking for something different in a getaway? Check out the Carson Ridge Luxury Cabins. Owners Pete and Latisha Steadman have created a lux retreat, as alluring for out-of-towners as it should be for locals looking to score a cool staycation … There’s a new Subaru-focused mechanic in town. Tony Vinsant calls himself the Suby Man. He’s in White Salmon for the moment, but when he handed me his card recently at the Event Site (he must’ve noticed that I drive a Subaru), he said he wanted to move to the Hood. Call 509-281-1487, or send e-mail. Oh, yeah, he’s a blogger, too. … Great bread, soon, although much later than first anticipated. Michael Eggebrecht and his wife Cassandra say they’ve finally wrestled dangling purchase details to the ground, and should be opening Eggebrecht’s Bakery soon (original plans were for mid-May), in the old Panzanella space at 5th and Cascade. Thanks, Michael, for the free loaves that you and Cassandra seem to drop by with tasty regularity … Did you know that Candyland has moved from the Heights to downtown, at 111 Third St.? Biz is better since the move, what with a bit more walk-in traffic. Hours: 10:30 a.m. to 5:30 or maybe later, seven days. … Whoops, That’s … History? Spoke briefly with Rachel Hallett of That’s Swank the other day, and it sounds as if its five-year run is nearing an end. The owners plan to shut ‘er down later this year, so get your pre-owned fashions now. Rachel’s going to be sticking around town, though, and resuming her graphic design work. Call 541-490-4781 … Looking for help with weddings? Talk to Mary Ortega, whose Bella Bliss Boutique is sharing space in the front of Lucy’s Informal Flowers, at 311 Oak. Mary provides all sorts of decorative accoutrement to make your event the most memorable ever. … Need a tent for an event? Sam Gambill and Kristy Holsopple have added a White Salmon-based tent rental business to their day jobs. Tents and Rents has a variety of gear for those special occasions. And when they’re not renting tents? Sam works in the lab at Hood River Distillers, and Kristy works … in the lab at Full Sail Brewing. Part-TY!

Casino plans high-centered, but Nestle comes calling

15 Jun

For those of us lucky enough to draw tap water from the best source on the planet — for me, I’m talking about the lovely agua provided by Ice Fountain Water in Hood River — the thought of bottled water makes us retch. It’s never as good as home. Which may be why Nestle wants to tap some wells near Cascade Locks, to fuel its bottled water products. Learn more.

Happy Flag Day — and get a T-shirt, too

15 Jun

The minute I saw the ad for Flag Day T-shirts at Wal-Mart, I knew I had to have some — irony. Yup, no mistake, my quick stop check proved the merchandising coup for what it was. There were the red, white and blue string lights — from China. The patriotic light sticks — from Mexico. And across the aisle, the Faded Glory (yes, that’s a brand) T-shirts with Ol’ Glory on the front, straight from our good friends in Pakistan — home to the Taliban and Al Qaeda. Nothing like flying the flag on Flag Day. And, oh, yes, don’t forget your yellow ribbons, to remember the troops.

Got a wild hair to go … nuclear? Try Atomic Hair

13 Jun

I was sprinting point to point downtown the other day when I passed a storefront and looked in and went, Whoa, Dude, this is new — Atomic Hair Lounge. The Gorge has been nuclear for its winds, but never for … hair. Whoa, are we talking mushroom bouffants here? Shades of the B-52s?

Not quite. Proprietor Janiene Crum is a total (if food lovers are called “foodies,” you’ll understand why I might call her a) “hairy”? Well, yes, seems to be. She grew up in SoCal, learned early her love of playing with the frizzy medium, went to costmetology school, later perfected her chops at Jerry Short and 77 Maiden Lane in San Francisco, then migrated (as all really smart people do) to Portland, where she shared ownership and did hair at Platform Artistic Salon in (you guessed it) The Pearl.

So, after moving to da Hood, and craving a Pearl experience with her own hair, and … well, not quite finding what she wanted, she decided to create it. Voila, the Atomic Hair Lounge. Sounds like a martini bar, yes? Well, she says you can get your hair done and sip a beer or glass of wine, so who knows? She shares chair space with buddy Kathy Quinnett, who still commutes to PDX for time at Platform clips.

Crum says she wanted to create a place like Platform, “an exciting concoction of forward thinking stylists who are well trained, well traveled, athletic and like to have fun.”

Oooh, and here I thought all it took was a pair of hands and a Skilsaw?

They’re welcoming new clients at their salon, just uphill from Footwise on 3rd Street. Call 541-436-2622. Open about a week at this writing. Looks nice. And she didn’t kick me out, me with my cheap haircut. That’s class.

You know you want a Snap-On

11 Jun

Tool, that is. If you’re looking to own and run your own business, and curious about franchising, the folks at Snap-On tools are looking for someone to work the Hood River area. Snap-On is a long trusted name in mechanic’s circles. I remember calling the Snap-On guy when I was doing some car repairs back in college (I know: Yes, they had cars back then). Good product.

I know nothing more than that about the HR opportunity. Call Doug “Jake” Jacobsen at 360-518-8865, or David Spots at 866-406-4838 for information. These gentlemen dropped off info about their needs at the Chamber of Commerce the other day.