Is health care a right? Tune in

2 Jun

Is anything more pressing than the need for a solution to the disaster that is our national health care mess? The Archimedes Movement, headed up by former (and potentially future) Gov. John Kitzhaber, is trying to push a sensible solution. Rep. Mitch Greenlick has proposed a joint resolution that would identify health care as a right, in the Oregon Constitution. A good topic for dinner discussion: Is it? Along with life, liberty, and the pursuit of iPods? And who should pay for it? Somehow, as a culture, we’ve gotten it in our heads that business should. But that’s a DOA notion. Business everywhere is bailing on the ballooning cost bubble. Oh, don’t get me started. It’s an issue that involves so much more than the question of who pays. Once again, market solutions have created the mess, so letting the market solve it just doesn’t compute. Anyway, you can tune in at noon Wednesday to hear Greenlick explains his thoughts. If you’d like to ask a question, you can — here.

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