Right under your nose …

5 Jun

Sometimes, to twist the phrase a bit, you can’t see the trees for the forest. Right here, right under my nose, a cool company, making cool new gotta-have-em products. So it is with Simply Brilliant, maker of SolLight, packable, portable, clip-able solar-powered lighting products, and its sister brand, Shockles, which serves up shock-absorbing connectors — sorta like bungee cords on steroids, with carabiner connections. Based in Hood River, Simply Brilliant has gotten a lot of good press in sailing, biking, camping and other outdoor-oriented pubs. The reason is obvious. Its products are great for off-the-grid use. Soak up the sun during the day, use the light at night. No plugs, no worries. Want some? They’re for sale in da Hood, at 2nd Wind Sports, Cascade Pet Camp, Discover Bicycles Inc., Mountain View Cycles, The Kayak Shed and Windance.

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