Got a wild hair to go … nuclear? Try Atomic Hair

13 Jun

I was sprinting point to point downtown the other day when I passed a storefront and looked in and went, Whoa, Dude, this is new — Atomic Hair Lounge. The Gorge has been nuclear for its winds, but never for … hair. Whoa, are we talking mushroom bouffants here? Shades of the B-52s?

Not quite. Proprietor Janiene Crum is a total (if food lovers are called “foodies,” you’ll understand why I might call her a) “hairy”? Well, yes, seems to be. She grew up in SoCal, learned early her love of playing with the frizzy medium, went to costmetology school, later perfected her chops at Jerry Short and 77 Maiden Lane in San Francisco, then migrated (as all really smart people do) to Portland, where she shared ownership and did hair at Platform Artistic Salon in (you guessed it) The Pearl.

So, after moving to da Hood, and craving a Pearl experience with her own hair, and … well, not quite finding what she wanted, she decided to create it. Voila, the Atomic Hair Lounge. Sounds like a martini bar, yes? Well, she says you can get your hair done and sip a beer or glass of wine, so who knows? She shares chair space with buddy Kathy Quinnett, who still commutes to PDX for time at Platform clips.

Crum says she wanted to create a place like Platform, “an exciting concoction of forward thinking stylists who are well trained, well traveled, athletic and like to have fun.”

Oooh, and here I thought all it took was a pair of hands and a Skilsaw?

They’re welcoming new clients at their salon, just uphill from Footwise on 3rd Street. Call 541-436-2622. Open about a week at this writing. Looks nice. And she didn’t kick me out, me with my cheap haircut. That’s class.

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