The key to the inevitable solution

3 Jul

Lock your keys in the car? Lose your car keys? Not to worry. For a long time, the Hood had just one key guy, who always has done a great job by us, but was stretched pretty thin. As with many good things in life (like key guys), more is better.

Now we’ve got more. There’s a new key guy in town. Ernie Blatz has opened Ernie’s Locks & Keys at 1103 12th St. (the former service station at the intersection of 12th and Pine streets). He’ll get you in, if you’re locked out, and I imagine he can get you out, if you’re locked in, but if that happens to be NORCOR, I wouldn’t call 541-436-0700.

FYI, Ernie has a store in The Dalles, and says he’s a certified master safecracker. And speaking of which, he sells safes.

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