Looking for some cool space to rent?

1 Aug

Colt Listing Service has the gig, but I thought I’d share word that Tom Wood, who with his wife Holly owns and runs the two Taco del Mar outlets in Hood River and The Dalles, also is looking for a tenant in his dandy loft space above Plush and the taco store.

You may have seen all the work just to the west of Plush, where Wood installed an elevator and stairway to the 4,500 square feet of upstairs space. Another stairway on the east side provides secondary fire escape.

It’s a big space, and you can have it all, if you want. Or half. Tom told me today that he would be open to splitting it, which would mean you could have the front — overlooking Oak — or the back, with a river view … if you could figure out how to open some windows in that wall that backs onto the roof of Pietro’s Pizza.

Take the space as if for $1.10 sf. Basic improvements would bump the rent to $1.25 sf. And the Cadillac treatment takes it to $1.50 sf. On 2,000 sf (half the total), that puts you downtown with a doorfront on Oak, for up to $3,000 a month.

Interested? Call Tom Wood at 380-0562. See more details at the Colt listing.

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