Yes, Virginia, there IS a free breakfast

27 Aug

Get in line now, because the new operators of the Columbia Gorge Hotel are throwing a free community breakfast. Well, I think the way Midge Dobbs of North Pacific Management phrased it was, “a heavy continental breakfast.”

Who’s community? That’s you. If you need breakfast (you do; nutritionists say it’s the most important meal of the day), you can pop on over from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 16, and chow down — for free.

Why? “The biggest message we want to get across is our recognition of the importance of the hotel to the local community.”

No argument there. It’s nice, in fact, to have a management group that seems to recognize that there is a local community. The previous tenants just didn’t seem to give a rip about whether locals came there or not.

As a restaurant owner myself, in my humble opinion, that sort of attitude is pure boneheadedness. At our place, we’re all about locals first, second, and third. We love it when out-of-town visitors drop in and share the vibe, but we like to think of our restaurant as an extension of your home — a place to get good food, meet friends, see people across the room you haven’t seen in awhile and catch up.

Sort of like the grocery store. Did I mention how much I love going to the grocery store? Yes, I digress, but this is about community. And when I go to the store, that’s what happens. I need milk and burger. It takes me 90 minutes to get it. “Where WERE you?” the wife asks. “Well, I ran into So-and-so, and we got talking about such-and-such, and then I turned the aisle and there’s Who-and-what, and did you know that she’s almost due, and over by meat, I got talking with Whoozit and commiserating about the yada yada, and ….”

Ever been there? It’s GREAT. Go to the store. Often. And call me when you get home, to share the news.

Meanwhile, free breakfast. Dobbs says the Gorge Hotel would appreciate knowing about how many thousand to expect, so please RSVP if you plan to attend. I think RSVP is shorthand for the French phrase, “Répondez s’il vous plaît” (respond, if you please, or, more bluntly, Hey, Bozo, let me know if you’re coming so I can open another can of dogfood), but don’t quote me on it. Call 541-386-5566 to RSVP.

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