What DO the greeters actually do?

28 Aug

Not much, apparently. One of our companies, Gorge Catering, was working a wedding on the west side of Hood River recently when it came time for dessert. Come to find out, the wedding planner hadn’t arranged for plates and forks for dessert.

Whoops. So, here I go, off on an urgent mission to find paper or plastic or foam plates and forks. Dare I say it, I went first to the closest store, Wal-Mart. Right inside the front door, I asked the greeter, “Where are the paper plates?”

He looked at me as if I had just arrived from Mars and was speaking a foreign language.

“Uh, I don’t rightly know,” he said.

Oh, Lord. So, off I go to find the stuff, and do, but they don’t have boxes of forks. They have mixed sets of plastic dinnerware — knives, forks and spoons. No sporks, even, which you’d think would be perfect for Wal-Mart. Hell, even a sporknife would be interesting.

So, I realize I’m going to have to go somewhere else. I buy the plates anyway, figuring the other place might be out of THOSE.

Off to Rite-Aid, where I ask the first clerk I see, “Where are the plastic forks?” “Back by the end of the coolers, just past the door, on the right.”

They were there. Boxes of forks, just forks, nothing but the forks. Woo-hoo! I friggin’ LOVE Rite-Aid. Guess where I’ll go — first — next time?

The greeter? Here, greet this. Just another reason why I hate the big box.

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