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OPB finds rosier view on repeat visit to 2 Hood businesses

12 Aug

Check out what our public radio network discovered on a return visit with Melissa Tokstad and Kathy Watson.

Discover Bicycles will move, probably in November

12 Aug

A recent fixture at the corner of Oak and Second, Discover Bicycles and newish owners Kurt and Ali Buddendeck have abandoned hope of renegotiating their lease and will pull up stakes this fall.

The new location? The former home of Plush, the old Van Meter furniture building at State and Third streets. Buddendeck has had it under lease for awhile, and considered subletting it if he could get better terms where he is. Apparently not to happen.

That leaves some big gaps on Oak Street. Plush, as you may know, is shutting down later this summer — the ads in the paper confirm what the rumors have said for awhile. And North Cheatham is still looking for tenants — two at the ground level — for the space once occupied by former partner Carrie Nelson’s Annz Panz.

And lest we forget, Doug’s is for sale. Tell me the recession isn’t putting the hammer down.

One name links multiple riverfront hotel projects: Stevenson

12 Aug

North Pacific Management Inc. is apparently in line to run the historic Columbia Gorge Hotel. Interesting. That would put two riverfront hotel properties in Hood River under managment by the same family.

Who? Well, the Stevensons, from across the river. North Pacific is just one arm of the family reach. The same Stevensons own SDS Lumber. The same SDS that owns 70,000 acres of timberland on both sides of the river. The same Stevensons who are exploring the placement of wind turbines along the ridge west of the White Salmon River.

Hmm, wonder if guests could see the towers from the rooms of the Gorge Hotel?

From the web site of the Oregon Lodging Association, we learn that its current president, Chuck Hinman, is ” General Manager of Columbia Room, Inc. and DM Stevenson Ranch who are the owners and operators of the Best Western Hood River Inn, the Marketplace Building, Marina Chevron, Hood River Shell and Marina Mart.Columbia Room Inc.”

Tom Stevenson is currently Development Manager at DM Stevenson Ranch and formerly Production Manager at SDS Lumber Co. You go to his LinkedIn page, and click on “my company,” and you learn that he is owner of the Best Western Hood River Inn.

Do a little more Googling and you learn that he has also been actively leading efforts to develop condos on the site of the former Meredith Motel in Hood River, astride the easement for the historic Columbia River Highway trail. Whenever he flies to Bend, he can land at his own private airport.

Here’s some more interesting reading. Campaign contributions by people named Stevenson (and others, to be fair) in White Salmon, Wash.

Now, I’m not saying there’s a single thing wrong with any of this. It’s just fascinating, the way the web weaves around and around. Lodging. Columbia River. Money.

Oh, I did mention that Broughtan Landing thing, didn’t I? If you got it, spend it. Why didn’t the local paper report any of this? Must be too boring.

Looking for some cool space to rent?

1 Aug

Colt Listing Service has the gig, but I thought I’d share word that Tom Wood, who with his wife Holly owns and runs the two Taco del Mar outlets in Hood River and The Dalles, also is looking for a tenant in his dandy loft space above Plush and the taco store.

You may have seen all the work just to the west of Plush, where Wood installed an elevator and stairway to the 4,500 square feet of upstairs space. Another stairway on the east side provides secondary fire escape.

It’s a big space, and you can have it all, if you want. Or half. Tom told me today that he would be open to splitting it, which would mean you could have the front — overlooking Oak — or the back, with a river view … if you could figure out how to open some windows in that wall that backs onto the roof of Pietro’s Pizza.

Take the space as if for $1.10 sf. Basic improvements would bump the rent to $1.25 sf. And the Cadillac treatment takes it to $1.50 sf. On 2,000 sf (half the total), that puts you downtown with a doorfront on Oak, for up to $3,000 a month.

Interested? Call Tom Wood at 380-0562. See more details at the Colt listing.