Holiday Inn Express considers Hood River development

9 Oct

No details yet, but learned from city officials of a recent conversation with developers interested in putting at Holiday Inn Express to the west of the Sunset Hotel site — where the RV lot is located now — just north of the Cascade Commons Shopping Center.

Good news. We lack hotel space during the summer. Not good news for the winter, when we lack visitors. Whatchoo gonna do? Well, the idea and efforts among visitor promotion folks at the Chamber and elsewhere, is to boost interest in the fall, winter and spring. Hey, we who live her know it’s a great time to BE here. It’s just a challenge to convince folks in, say, Portland, that the wind doesn’t blow icy cold out here like it does in Troutdale, AND the freeway isn’t always covered in a layer of ice and corrugated snow.

Maybe a few days each winter. Maybe even a week, total. But the rest of the time, it’s a breeze. After all, it’s a friggin’ freeway, used primarily by Wal-Mart to move piles of useless plastic crap up and down the corridor to eagerly waiting Portland shoppers.

Ahem. But we digress. Want to learn more? Great recent article in TIME about how the corporate owner of the Holiday Inn and Express brands is doing a total facelift and brand makeover for the properties. Holiday Inn Hip, you might say. Check it out. And here’s the corporate site, too.

Meanwhile, we hear that the person behind the development idea is none  other than Denish Hajari, who has the Comfort Suites just a stone’s throw away.

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