Check out Farm Stand for quality meat, produce

10 Oct

When it comes For options, little guys like Mother’s Marketplace and the former Wy’east Grocery have helped address niche needs. And growers’ markets such as the Saturday Market and Gorge Grown Food Network’s Thursday Farmer’s Market provide links between quality, local product and the buyers who want it.

Since February, shoppers have had a great small option up on the Heights, just south of, well, Rosauer’s. It’s called the Farm Stand. Bob and Elaina Wright and partner Doug Aronson started the store. They are also its staff.

I had seen it for months, until I dropped in this afternoon when I saw a sign outside marketing wild game — elk, bison, quail, boar. Hmm, I thought, that sounds interesting. You just can’t get that sort of stuff at the other places, with their miles of industrial meat. Rosauer’s does a good job of bringing in chemical-free meats. Safeway? Forget it, the commitment just isn’t there.

The Farm Stand cold case features product from Nicky USA in Portland (purveyor of wild game), Niman Ranch in California, and Mountain Shadow in Dufur. In an adjacent case, fresh fish on ice.

Across the aisle, you’ll find a good selection of produce, much of it local. Refrigerators hold everything from Alpenrose organic milk and other dairy products, to miso, to … Bubbies Sauerkraut. Tried it. Loved it. They’ve also got a great variety of flour, grains, beans, etc., plus gluten-free product. Soda. Jams, jellies, oils and natural sweeteners, too. Want some Agave nectar? They’ve got it.

Bob tells me they’ve taken great pains to package product in portions that people want for their quick-cook, time-constrained lives. Check it out.

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