Cascade Locks not the only city dealing with Nestle water plans

26 Oct

The corporate drive to privatize the most basic resource essential to human existence, water (OK, there’s that oxygen thing), hasn’t just turned its sights on Cascade Locks. Nestle Corp. apparently wants to tap water in Sacramento. And people there are outraged at the ideaSac, which would take a huge drink from an already overtapped supply. Not to mention that the water would come from Sacramento. I mean, have you ever had tap water from the valley. Bad idea. What are they going to do, market it as “naturally chocolatey”? Yuck. If you really must drink bottled water, we suggest Water from the Hood, the local sip that taps what comes from our local tap, and we all know that Hood River water (well, I’m talking Ice Fountain Water here) is the best in the world.


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  1. macro777 November 6, 2009 at 2:14 am #

    Here are couple more websites regarding Nestles etal that may be of interest :

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