Don’t hold your appetite –other options on table at Paris Fair

31 Oct

Talked with North Cheatham the other day, and he isn’t holding a torch for the French restaurant he’d been courting as a new tenant at his Paris Fair building, 4th and Oak streets.

Without getting into the gory details, it all boils down to a difference about what should — or shouldn’t — be required to get the space ready for up to 300 occupants (that’s a lot of fois gras, but we digress).

The short of it? North is talking with other potential tenants, the remodel won’t likely be done until around Thanksgiving, and the possibility of some offshoot of Fenouil in the Pearl under the guiding hand of chef Pascal Chureau appears to be heading … South?

So, what might we see there instead? North ain’t sayin’. We’ll stay on top of it. Stay tuned.

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