Radio Tierra seeks new digs

9 Feb

I wanted to pass along an appeal from Anne Key, development director for that marvelous low-power FM station, KZAS, otherwise known as Radio Tierra (they play a lot of Hispanic music, which is way cool, but also play other stuff. True community radio, in short).

“We have all this stuff, but we just need a little bit of a hand,” Anne says. Here’s her note.

A couple of people recommended that I talk to you to see if you might have any ideas. Radio Tierra, the Columbia Gorge Community Radio station, is at a cross-roads. We received a generous grant from the Oregon Community Foundation to purchase new equipment, which will make the radio much more user-friendly for DJ’s and will also greatly enhance the sound quality. However, we are looking for a place to house the station in the immediate future.

To house the station we need:

• One 10×10 room for the DJ booth (this room must be reasonably soundproof to keep exterior noises at a bare minimum)

• One closet or small room with climate control for the computer equipment

• Access to the space from 6:30am to 10:30 pm

• Access control for the DJ booth and computer room (keys, key-card, or something similar)

• DSL Internet (preferably donated)

• Electricity (preferably donated)

If you have any ideas as to a place in the Columbia Gorge (preferably Hood River, but not necessarily) that would see housing Radio Tierra as meeting their mission, please let me know.

Thank you for your time, and if you have any suggestions, please let me know.

Best regards —

Anne Key, Development Director


Anne Key, DJ

Radio Tierra

KZAS 95.1 Hood River; 107.7 The Dalles; 95.9 Stevenson <;

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