Wine Spectator props HR’s Springhouse

12 Feb

Kudos to James Matthisen of Springhouse Cellars, for the nice plug he and his winery got in the online version of wine review kingpin Wine Spectator. The blog wrote about the popularity in some quarters of refillable, recapable, reusable wone bottles, which Matthisen has been using to help consumers get 1) great wine, 2) at low prices. About the only other path to the same end is a regular visit to the closeout zone at Grocery Outlet in The Dalles. Hey, if you like wine, and like it a lot, it may be beyond the average budget to shop retail. Go for the oddity lots, the stuff that was pretty good but didn’t sell through at retail, and has been remanded to Grocery Outlet for greatly discounted release. It’s a great way to slash your wine budget, and pick up some pretty darned tasty bottles (albeit mystery bottles, for the most part, until you open them and encounter … wow, not toooo bad, for $2.99.)

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