Owners of That’s Swank! prepare to welcome new buyer

13 Feb

Josh Bridgewater and Rachel Hallett, longtime owners of classic clothing store That’s Swank!  at 4th and Cascade, have been trying to find a buyer for awhile now, so were happy to report that they have a deal in the offing.

If all goes to plan, they will hand over the reins March 15 to a buyer moving north from Los Angeles to work the shop with his mother, who lives in Hood River (we’re hoping to get names and learn more; stay tuned).

Hallett does design work for Columbia Gorge magazine. Bridgewater plans to switch places with the new buyer, moving south, getting married and setting up virtual space out of his new digs in Long Beach. Yup, he’s got plans to sell vintage threads to the world with a cyber store, so if you’ve been liking Swank’s threads, you can continue to shop the (digitized) racks sometime after Bridgewater completes his southerly sojourn.

We’ve asked him to let us know his store’s new web address.

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