Three buyers have eyes on City Hall

13 Feb

You know that the City of Hood River has decided to sell its administration building — a former U.S. Bank building — at 3rd and Oak, for  $1.2 million (Listing number 10007110 if you want to get detail at the regional multiple listing service). You may not know that there are three serious buyers competing for the property. Blind bids are being prepared for review by the City Council, in executive session.

To get details — or get your own bid in the hunt — contact Greg Colt at Colt Listing Service.

The short of it is, that’s good news. The last thing we need is another ghost building downtown. Too many dark corners starts to suggest to people that rigor mortis ain’t far behind. We know that’s never going to happen, but we don’t know when we’re going to get the flushed rosy cheeks of a healthy retail economy going again. Next time you’re downtown, wrap your arms around her and administer a little CPR, would you?

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