Favorite taqueria in Hood River (OK, the Gorge)?

25 Feb

One reason we love the Hood is the abundance of great street food (OK, it’s not too varied … it’s basically Mexican street food, but that’s … great, as I said). And I think I might find some agreement if I said that generally speaking, the sit-down Mexican fare in the Gorge is pretty barf, when compared to the taco trucks. The Hood River Taqueria on the Heights is the notable exception. Ixtapa? Casa El Mirador? Puh-leeze.

For a quick and tasty bite on a budget, the carts rock. The food cart scene in Portland has become legend, getting all sorts of national exposure. And the thing that makes it go is the variety, plus distribution — it’s all over town.

What about here? What’s your favorite place — and you’ll see that I’ve expanded the list of possibles to include one that I like in The Dalles, so think of this as a Gorge-wide poll because, as you surely know, you never know when you might run out of taco and need a fillup. Sorry I don’t have names for some of these. Sometimes, it’s just a location operating pretty much without a name. Anyway, dish the delish.

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