Underpinnings … not so Secret anymore

5 Mar

Spoke with Brooke Pauly on Thursday, and she confirmed that she will be opening a new store dedicated to the display of underthings for the ladies sometime “in early May.” The site? The space formerly occupied by Ikote Bead, at 3rd and Oak.

Brooke has been working with The Ruddy Duck for the last year and a half, after four years before that at Brian’s Pourhouse. She says she’s been cooking up the idea of her own retail effort for four years, but just hadn’t found the optimal space — they were mostly too big, or maybe the numbers weren’t right.

“This is a nice size space,” she says.

Offerings will include frilly, sex lingerie ala Victoria’s Secret, plus more practical (well, practical for other things) underwear such as sports bras, cotton sleepwear and everyday jammin-around-town undergarments.

Building manager Jay Sherrerd, of course, was excited to get a tenant in tough times. We’re all excited to see a fresh, new entry in the downtown retail mix — lighting up a very visible corner location. Now, if only we could find tenants for the Franz Hardware building (2nd and Oak) and the Paris Fair. Pass the word to all your entrepreneurial friends in the city (Which city? Any city).

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