Wrap your lips around Cerulean, too

5 Mar

The Biz Buzzer loves wine. More to the point, the Biz Buzzer loves local wine.

Ten years ago, we couldn’t say that. Along the way, first for The Oregonian, later for the Gorge Guide, and through the process of building a wine list at the late, great Viento restaurant in Bingen, and after that, in concert with my lovely frau for Nora’s Table, the Buzzer has been amazed to watch the growth not only in the number of local labels, but in the quality of what they produce.

Welcome a new one, Cerulean. My neighbor, Pat Graham, is a principal in this new entry, a partner in the vineyard on Underwood mountain that produces some of the grape. Brian McCormick, who does great work for his family’s Memaloose label, contributes his talents to the juice.

Pat sampled us a Tempranillo the other day. Yum. Look for it, buy it, drink it. In his words, here’s what’s coming down:

“We have the 25 acres of grapes … and any surplus of grapes has gone into our wine making.  We made wine at Carlton Wine Studio in 2007.  But just recently bottled a 2008 harvest Tempranillo.  We have about 80 cases of that left.  … We have another 800 cases including Gewertz, Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir, and Chardonnay that we have to bottle and label at the end of April.”

The only question unanswered by this proliferation of fermented grape juice is, who’s going to drink it all? The Buzzer is doing his part fo address that situation. Now, if you’d just do yours.

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