Is Weston planning Hood River auto dealership? Don’t ask them

11 Mar

News appears in all sorts of locations, sometimes places you wouldn’t even expect. That’s why I read the classifieds of our local paper. Which is where I learned that a new car dealership plans to open here in March, and needs sales people. I called the number the ad listed, to learn more, and was told to call Tresa Hansen and Eric Hansen (formerly with Chrysler and Ford in Hood River, before both imploded).

I told them why I was calling, and asked if they could tell me about their plans. They said they’d need to check out this blog first, to make sure it was a reputable source for getting info out to the world. Otherwise, they were going to be in a story in the business publication jointly produced by the HR News and The Dalles Chronicle.

Since I haven’t heard from them, I’m guessing they think that’s the only way to get information out to people these days. And if that’s what they think, maybe they’re going to be selling horses and buggies, too? I, for one, certainly hope so.

OK, here’s what we can guess from the ad, which invited people to write to them at an email address linked to a domain named :”” Nothing there, yet, but a little Googling around leads you to the Weston Pontiac Buick GMC dealership at 22555 SE Stark Street in Gresham. And there is also an affiliated Weston Kia dealership.

No confirmation yet on what or where, but viable locations are pretty limited. The former Chrysler store on 12th street is now empty, and a logical site. Not sure the area is clamoring for more big, lumbering GMC-type vehicles (haven’t we learned anything yet?). But Kia? Now that would be interesting. If you’ve been paying attention, Hyundai and its sister brand Kia have been clobbering everyone during this recession. Low prices. Improved quality. Nice styles. And great warranties. That’s something the Gorge actually needs. We’ll see.


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  1. D Endow March 15, 2010 at 5:05 am #

    Thanks for your expert sleuthing around Stu!

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