“Clean Break” action water sports show seeks video applicants for Hood River host role

16 Apr

Remember “The Endless Summer”? Hate to admit it, but I do — when it was fresh. And I was, too (fresh, that is).

The concept never dies. New young video turks are mining the concept of web TV to bring their eyes and ears to Hood River this summer. Through a deal with the razor company, Schick, Drew Masters and buddies at Grainey Pictures (aka GPix) will visit Hood River to produce one of six webisodes of a new show called “Clean Break.” Shows will air on the Sony web-TV channel, Crackle.com.

Masters tells me the program is modeled on “The Endless Summer,” but unlike that legendary surf movie, this show is more broadly about thrillin’ water sports, surfing included.

After paying their way to Canada and Hawaii to create a pilot, they shopped it around. Schick was preparing to roll out a new razor, the Hydro Blade, and loved the concept of hooking up with cutting edge water sports to pimp its cutting edge cutlery.

After looking at kiteboarding in San Diego, surfing in Venice Beach, Calif., and whitewater rafting in Kernville, Calif., the show will drop in to the Hood. The focus? Duh. Windsurfing is up.

They’ll be here June 15-20. As with every other stop, they’ll be spending time with a sport guide — and a local guide. So, who’s that guide going to be? That’s up to … YOU!

That’s right, it’s all about interactivity these days. So break out your handicam, warm up your whities and prepare to amp your digital audition. They want you to produce a video showing why you think you would be the best local host. Just you in the video, nobody else. No music tracks, either (copyright issues, see?).

Local guides can be male or female, 21 to 40 years old (hey, I know you look younger than 40, but I don’t, so get over it). The sport guide will introduce them, in our case, to windsurfing scenes, people and action. The local guide will take them back from the river, to show hot spots — places to stay, to shop, to dine and party. They launched their outreach today (April 16).

Video submissions will be posted to the web and the public will be invited to vote for their favorite (potential) host. Two to three weeks before they arrive, they will select their local host and nail down locations. They’ve got a sample video in the can, to show how it might work (shot by former Chamber marketing coordinator Jamel Badrieh).

Here’s all the rules, straight from Masters:

“To audition, you must prepare a video recording (a “Video Submission”) that shows why you should be selected as the local guide for one of the Locations.  For example, your video may demonstrate to Company what makes the Location unique and incredible, the hot spots, the best place to eat and hangout and otherwise show off your local knowledge, tell us what the Series should feature, who should be profiled, what bands shown, etc. In addition, each Video Submission must also meet the following requirements: (i) your face must clearly appear in the video and be recognizable; (ii) the video must be at least two (2) minutes long and not longer than three (3) minutes; and (iii) the video must otherwise comply with all other requirements and guidelines set forth herein.  A Video Submission may not include any recording of any musical
composition(s) or the performance of any musical composition and may not include any other person appearing recognizably or in a speaking role.  In addition, the Video Submission should not contain any materials that are obscene, defamatory or otherwise not in good taste, as determined by Company in its sole discretion. Avoid wearing clothing with recognizable logos or copyrighted artwork.  You may only make one Video Submission.

“Once they have finished a video they can contact me at Drew Masters (310) 827-1111 or via email at Thirdrowent@aol.com” to learn how to submit the video file.

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