Basket scrapings from the Buzz Bin of History …

22 Apr

Attorney Brent Foster, late of Columbia Riverkeeper and now most recently late of the Oregon Attorney General’s office, lost his job because he apparently got a little too close to evidence gathering against David Ryan’s Hood River Juice. Details here … Any word on who might occupy the space formerly home to Plush? Spoke with building co-owner Tom Wood Wednesday afternoon, and he says he’s close on a possible tenant. “Should know within a week,” he says. Without naming names, he said it would be an expansion for an existing Gorge business. G’luck, mate … Brian Shortt, the Energizer Bunny of Shortt Supply, has been AWL (absent WITH leave) lately. Why dat? He scored a gig right up his past life — managing a bunch of marinas, including River Place and some houseboat moorings, in PDX. Brian, in case you didn’t know, once was E.D. at Port of Klickitat in Bingen and held a similar post up in Anacortes, Wash. … In case you missed it, Sue Collins has set up a satellite travel information office inside Cascade Travel at 509 Cascade. With the blessing of the Chamber, she is renting out space for rack cards and other materials that foot-loose tourists might want to peruse. Call her at 541-386-6800 to get yours … It’s a bit early to share details, but I can say that a certain local winemaker who owns a certain close-in vineyard property is considering a certain plan to place a tasting room at that site. Let me see, four tasting rooms downtown to serve five wines, Franco Marchessi’s vineyard/winery/tasting room out on Belmont, and soon something new at a certain freeway-close location? We’re not Napa North yet, but give us a couple of months … Through the outreach efforts of the Hood River Hotel’s marketing department, travel writer David Molyneaux will be visiting Hood River on May 17-18. He’s a print freelancer and blogger, with an emphasis on cruises. Hey, Hood River is just like a cruise liner … only different … Want to own a bagel biz? Hood River Bagel Company owners Aaron and Shannon Bray are looking to sell. Business only. Price? $179,000. … Ain’t sexy, but it may be just what you want. Buildings, of a light industrial nature, with property, south of town. One. Two. Three. Operators are standing by.

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