Partners in Etoile pull out, but Greenwald is a survivor. Want a job?

26 Apr

Man, talk about snake-bit. The space formerly occupied by Panzanella and formerly coveted by Michael Eggebrecht and most recently reported (here) to be moving steadily toward opening as Etoile Artisan Bakery under the partnership of Feliza Greenwald and Paula and Olivier Bock … has hit a hitch.

The Bocks, bringing the most extensive culinary history to the table, pulled out last week. Less than a month away from opening, Greenwald was stunned.

But she was smiling through the shock on Sunday (4/25), when she told me she has hired an experienced bread baker (Jesse) from Grand Central Baking in Portland, and is close to hiring a pastry person to deliver the sweets. Friends have rallied to her support, and she still  hopes to open by May 15.

She is hiring: She needs a full-time counter person, to set up and help customers for breakfast and lunch. Food service experience would be helpful. A smile and a work ethic would go a long way, too. Interested? Call Feliza at 541-490-9216.


3 Responses to “Partners in Etoile pull out, but Greenwald is a survivor. Want a job?”

  1. Terri April 30, 2010 at 10:28 pm #

    Survivor? seems a little harsh – what about the other side of the story?

    • stuwatson April 30, 2010 at 11:52 pm #

      I’m happy to share that perspective. Or they can share it themselves, here. Anyone with perspective (i.e. a “side”) is welcome to call me at 541-386-8860.

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