Ballot measure would limit size of county wind project

28 Apr

Did you see that big story in the local paper the other day?

Which one?

The one about the ballot measure that a local group hopes to file? The one to limit Hood River County from using its resources — county land, or funds — to support siting or construction of wind turbines over 150 feet tall, as measured from the base to the tip of a blade at full vertical extension?

Oh, you didn’t see it? Because … it hasn’t been in the paper yet?

The request for approval to gather signatures in support of the ballot measure was filed with the county elections office. They said it was constitutional, and sent it to the District Attorney’s office, which crafted the appropriate language and send it back to county elections supervisor Kim Kean.

It now awaits any challenges. Deadline for those is April 29. If none are received, organizers of the initiative effort can begin gathering signatures. They would need to get enough by June 23 to put the measure on the Sept. 21 ballot.

Here’s where to learn about what the county is considering. Here’s the site of a group that doesn’t like the idea.

Full disclosure: I do some public information work for the county, so I share this only because it’s interesting. And because you may not find out about it otherwise.

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