This, that and the other …

6 May

The sign says May 8 for opening of the Thai House on the Heights … No names yet, but a deal is in the works that would transfer ownership of the Hood River Bagel Shop from Aaron & Shannon Bray to, well, someone else. About all I can say is that that person shares a past professional association with the sellers … New ice cream store coming in on the Heights, adjacent to Hood River Taqueria? I’m all over that. More ice cream is never a bad thing … Hood River Hops Fest planning committee seeks committed volunteers; next meeting at noon May 19 at Double Mountain Brewing … sale of Hood River city hall hasn’t closed yet; delays due to issues with NW Natural Gas easements appear to have been resolved, allowing transfer to move forward … Coming events (get your promo on):  First Friday on May 7; Oregon Trail Rally on weekend of May 14-16; Mt. Hood Cycling Classic June 1-6 (2 days in Portland, one in Trout Lake area, one looping east from Mt. Hood Meadows, one between The Dalles and Hood River, and the last in downtown Hood River); Hood River County Fruit Loop Wine Celebration June 19-20 … Hey, who dat talking about a strategic weekend event-based use of the alley that parallels 12th and 13th streets on the Heights, behind the businesses that front both streets? No names, but initials are Brian Shortt. The Buzzer likes it. … The latest from Etoile Artisan Bakery says — next week (that would be May 10 and beyond), if all stays on track. Feliza Greenwald and crew are kicking out test loaves, and word from those whose lips actually sampled some is that the bread was taaaay-stee … Drop in to the new Footwise location, in the 400 block of Oak on the south side, next to Hood River Jewelers. Place looks great, and all the staff are hap-hap-happy to be there. Bright paint, good light, it should sell shoes. Cheers.

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