Apple Green to … resurface in former Plush space

12 May

Building owner Tom Wood said he had a hot candidate for his space at 110 Oak, formerly occupied by Plush Bed & Bath. And Cheryl Wilson and Dani Correa told me when they closed down Apple Green at its former location in the 400 block of Oak that they hoped to re-open by summer “somewhere closer to 2nd and Oak.”

Let it be so. Wood has leased the former Plush space to Wilson and Correa, who intend to re-open Apple Green by the end of May. Just in time for hordes of summer shoppers, intent on lining their home shelves with decorative items that celebrate the gardening life, though one can’t quite imagine the yard implements at Apple Green ever actually touching, you know, dirt.

Welcome back, ladies. Hope this is the location to beat all locations.

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