In the heart of a librarian beats a … Bottle Shoppe? Yup

12 May

Amanda Goeke is a librarian, once worked at the Parkdale library, now works on-call for the Hood River Library, and hopes — with her partner, Abe Stevens– to open Volcanic Bottle Shoppe, preferrably somewhere up on the Heights.

Last we talked, they were close to inking a lease that would put them midway between the Heights East and Heights West neighborhoods. Cool. That’s walking distance for all those uptown hipsters who like good beer and want to explore what they promise will be a worldly selection of bottled brews not commonly available elsewhere. Hey, with all the great Mexican food in that mini-Hood, you need something to douse the fire.

Details here, when the plans firm up.


One Response to “In the heart of a librarian beats a … Bottle Shoppe? Yup”

  1. Adrienne Happy May 18, 2010 at 1:03 am #

    Sounds AMAZING! Can’t wait to have a decent, intimate place to hang out in the Heights!

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