Encore Video will head north to spot near Rosauers

29 May

Fresh word from Stephen Ford of Current Commercial that he has inked a deal to site Encore Video — Hood River’s only remaining four-wall video store — in the space formerly home to the Apparel Express.

Owners Sheryl and Alan Herman are shooting for a July 1 opening in the new space. It all hinges on the usual — paint, carpets, moving.

Sheryl tells me she’s got a cool plan to help it happen. They’ll be moving in bits and pieces up to the actual transfer date. But a couple of days before the final move, she’ll roll out a 50% off sale. Can you see where this is going?

“50% OFF! OMG, I’m so there!”

That’s what she’s hoping people think. They come in, walk out with troves of videos, and when they bring them back, it’s to a new store. Voila, the customers have helped move half their pile.

Sharp idea, actually. She’s got a good entrepreneurial streak, compared to the former bozos at Movie Gallery. Coffee and tea and cotton candy for browsers. A deep collection of archival video — old TV shows, classic movies, sports and cartoons. And two of my favorites, a really rich collection of foreign films, and documentaries.

I’ll admit to using Netflix. But I also have the occasional itch to just go in and browse, and not have to wait for the mail. When that mood moves me to Encore, I always come out with something. How many times did I go into Movie Gallery, browse the walls, and leave, disgusted that all I could fine were straight-to-DVD slasher films?

Sheryl says they want to compete on customer service, variety and product quality.

“If you can do that, you can get loyalty,” she says. “A lot of people are forgetting that your customers aren’t an interruption of your day, but the reason you’re there.”

Keep an eye out for 50% off, and help Encore move.

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