City to take fresh look at use of A-frame / pedestal / sandwich board signs

11 Jun

More frequently than you might imagine, talks turns to a merchant’s desire to use a sandwich board sign near their business. Use of such signs has been pretty much verboten.

Until now.

The Hood River City Council will discuss the topic at its Monday, June 14, meeting (6 p.m. start) at council chambers, 2nd and State.

Here’s from the agenda …

2. Discuss Sandwich Board Signs (20 minutes)

The use of A-frame, or sandwich board, or pedestal signs, have been prohibited in the past in the right of way. While there have been instances of businesses using A-frame temporary signage in the past, it has been prohibited except where a permit has been issued or on private property.  It was determined that the best course of action to handle the subject of prohibited A-frame signage in the City of Hood River was to define it, regulate it and permit it.

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