Urban Renewal for the Heights? Learn more Thursday

17 Jun

Downtown Hood River has benefited from inclusion in an Urban Renewal District. How might the Heights benefit from the same thing? During a presentation at 8 a.m. Thursday at the Hood River-Indian Creek Campus of Columbia Gorge Community College, City Manager Bob Francis will detail how such a district would work. The event is in room 310. The graphics accompanying this blurb show the areas that might be affected … Tell me your favorite things about different Hood River merchants. I was thinking of this the other day when I picked up the NY Times at Doppio — I like the fact that they stock it — and later in the week, when I got one of the great scones that they kick out at Ground. Or walking in to Waucoma Bookstore and thinking, wow, could they cram any more inventory into this place? What a great selection for a small town. Or knowing that you can get good meat without hormone or antibiotic treatment at both Rosauers and the Farm Stand (we like the Heights for that, and more). Or that they have a really great … well, I could go on, but I want YOU to tell me (and our readers) what rocks your boat about the Hood … Tenancy takes time. Word heard is that, if all goes to plan, we may see something new in the way of a personal services business — what’s a three-letter synonym for “hot tub” that also means a place where people go to relax and be pampered? — in the main level of the former Franz Hardware-Discover Bicycles space, and someone has put forth a serious proposal to do a restaurant in the eastern half of the space formerly home to Annz Panz, which would entail a north-south split of the room. Owner North Cheatham has talked in the past of liking that idea, which would leave a retail-ready space on the Fourth Street side … The artisan bakery formerly referred to here at Etoile is now known as Knead. Apparently the partners who pulled out shortly before opening had rights to the Etoile name. By any other name, the bread would taste as good … Does little p- you off? Don’t want to sound too Pollyanna here, but I rather lose it when I see how some people treat our town. Done with a drink? Just sit it on a bench or railing and walk off. Or toss the can into the street. Litter happens, because idiots happen. But what if we didn’t let it happen? What if we picked up after the idiots? And called them on it when we see them slobbing up our place? The city has put garbage receptacles at every corner. Let’s use them and see what happens — to our town, and our heads.


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  1. North Cheatham June 23, 2010 at 12:54 am #

    I need to clarify one point from above. Although I’ve had a number of inquiries regarding the partitioning of the first floor of the Paris Fair, the primary obstacle is getting a reasonable proposal past the Hood River Building Inspector. You see, such a partition would require new permits, and with them new opportunities for additional requirements, all of which would cost big bucks for negligible compliance gains. Most ridiculous of several? Refusal to consider the south entrance to the building of any value at all, due to the grade of the ramp leading to the sidewalk, which has served the 5000 square foot space well for over one hundred years. I wish this was the only additional requirement! I would cave in tomorrow and deal with it. Unfortunately, you want to change anything to a commercial space downtown, and you’re asking for trouble.

    In the meantime, this huge and beautiful space remains an empty and expensive eyesore.

    • stuwatson June 23, 2010 at 1:42 am #

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, North. We’re all rooting for you and your space. It’s a great building, and will be even greater with new and suitable business activity on board. Good luck.

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