Share thoughts on sandwich board signs with City Council

20 Jun

“Glad to pass along notes from recent City Council meeting, where the issue of sandwich board (aka A-frame) signs came up ….

“Enforcement of sandwich board restrictions has been problematic, and generates complaints against the city’s Code Enforcement Officer. Currently sandwich board signs can only be placed on privately owned property, not on the sidewalk.

“Suggestions made regarding management of sandwich boards:

  • Take sandwich board signs out of the sign ordinance and strictly regulate them.
  • Regulate the sandwich boards through the right-of-way ordinance with the idea that any business could have a sandwich board if they paid an annual fee. There would, of course, be constraints on signs such as size and location.

“City Council indicated that, for the most part, they are not interested in a proliferation of sandwich board signs. They indicated that they would prefer that a request for an ordinance change come from local businesses/managers. Either allow for sandwich board signs on a fair basis, or back our Code Enforcement Officer when he begins citing businesses, which tends to create complaints from cited businesses.

“Message from council to local businesses/managers: If you want the ordinance changed, then let us know or come to a City Council meeting to make that request. The next City Council meeting is on June 28, and the next of the Hood River Downtown Business Council is at 8 a.m. July 7 in the Hood River Hotel banquet room.

“Downtown Business Council wants to hear your to voice. Post comments here, or e-mail Tracy Kaiser, the new business coordinator for the DBC/Chamber, with suggestions.

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