Out of nowhere, a bit of chocolate “bark” as “thanks”

23 Jun

I had to buy a necklace for my wife to get my first taste of Katrina’s Gourmet Chocolate. It’s not a new business — Katrina Staigle (pronounced stag-lee) started her business in 2001 — but it was new to me, when I got a packet of her Oregon Hazelnut “bark” with a recent birthday gift purchase at Hood River Jewelers.

You know what “bark” is, don’t you? Well, I didn’t either, until she explained.

I thought it came from a tree. But in this context, it’s flat chocolate, broken into shards.

The bag that Chris and Julie gave me was a nice retailing touch, and the chocolate was tres tastee, too. Staigle lives in Hood River, but runs her business out of a shop in Mt. Hood. She used to have a candy store where Footwise was, at Third and Cascade, then moved west to the block where Windermere Real Estate is. She closed that store in 2005, and started selling wholesale.

“Wineries mostly,” she says. “We’re at Multnomah Falls, the Gorge Discovery Center. I’m hoping to pick up a few more clients.”

She’s learned what she doesn’t like to do. No more truffles — too labor-intensive — and as little shipping as possible — too spendy.

She’d rather focus on quality.

“I blend my own chocolate, no wax or oils, it’s always fresh,” she says. “I make it myself, do my own packaging, labels, do the dishes, mop the floors.”

Or, as the old saying goes, if you want something done right, do it yourself. 541-380-1010 or by e-mail.

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