Brainstorm poll: Why do/would you join a business organization?

4 Jul

Business owners sometimes join groups like the Chamber of Commerce because they think they have to. It’s about being part of the club.

But practically speaking, it’s an expense. We assume that you also ask yourself, What’s in it for me? How can it help my business?

Please use the comment field below to join a brainstorm about what you want and need most from membership in a business group.


One Response to “Brainstorm poll: Why do/would you join a business organization?”

  1. Kathy Watson July 4, 2010 at 12:28 am #

    What I want most from a business organization, such as the chamber, is to do what one person alone can not: develop and promote an exciting brand for the community, one that is applicable to tourism, manufacturing, service … all sectors, really.

    So far, I don’t think we have that for Hood River or the mid-Columbia, which is a shame, because I think we would be very easy to create a brand for. And in fact, I think we already have the perfect tag line: “It’s all good in the Hood.” It captures the youthful, enthusiastic, slightly non-conventional life we have here, and allows us to develop a number of story themes, from the the creative environment that supports companies such as Full Sail and DaKine, to the contended workforce that InSitu depends on, to the access to great foods that restaurants like mine depend on.

    So why is it that we don’t have that? I don’t want this statement to be taken as a criticism of our particular chamber of commerce, but in general, I think the “chamber of commerce” as a business organization is somewhat broken, and lacks the sort of energy that is needed. Many communities have already come to this conclusion, and is why Portland’s premier business organization is the Portland Business Alliance, which folded in the chamber a number of years ago with another organization, and freed itself from the chamber of commerce mentality and structure.

    I would welcome our own Chamber here spending some time considering doing that. I think it would be very healthy.

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