Wanted: Whoever bought John Rand’s Christian rock treasures

1 Sep

Missing: Classic Christian rock albums. John Rand would like to swing a deal with you to get them back.

Rand, who moved to Hood River in 1989 and lived here up until about 1996, now lives in Gresham. When he moved, he left a load of his stuff in a storage locker at Secure Storage, 1400 Tucker Road.

“When I moved to Portland, it was out of sight, out of mind,” he says.

He apparently missed the notice that he was past due, and his stuff would be sold. If you read the classifieds like I do, you know that people occasionally fall behind on their storage rent. And owners of the storage units occasionally have to go in and put the abandoned stuff up for sale.

I see those ads, and I think, Man, I wonder what sort of treasures you might find in those lots? But I’ve never needed or wanted anybody else’s crap that badly to bother attending an auction. It must be like a huge garage sale. You can’t buy just one item — you get the whole shebang.

Tammy Brennan, manager at Secure Storage, confirms that’s pretty much how it works. When people rent storage, they sign a contract that spells out what happens when they fall behind on rent. After 10 days, they face a $10 late fee. They also get a late notice. After 20 days, they’re locked out.

When you’re a month late, the manager can cut the lock, take picture of the unit’s contents from the outside in, relock it, send you a certified letter and hope you respond in 30 days. If not, it goes up for auction.

Secure Storage typically has two auctions a year, and each attracts 20 to 50 people. Brennan says they may be looking for eBay inventory, or stock for second-hand stores and garage sales.

After that much time has passed, the owner might get themselves a deal if they bid on their own unit, rather than paying late fees.

On auction day, every interested buyer gets to eyeball the locker’s contents from the door. No rummaging through boxes. You bid on what you see.

“We encourage buyers to return any clearly personal items, wedding pictures, social security cards, things they don’t need,” Brennan says. ” But it’s not a requirement.”

Rand didn’t return, didn’t bid, didn’t get his albums in the five boxes of personal papers that the buyer left behind. So he placed an ad:

“Wanted Information: Looking for person who purchased my record collection from Secure Storage. Please contact John, 209-765-7005.”

That’s all he wrote in the Hood River News after he learned that his stuff was gone.

“I had some early Beatles records,” Rand says. “I don’t mind that they got that. But I had some early Christian rock music from the ’80s. It’s hard to replace some of the stuff that hasn’t gone from vinyl to CDs.”

Acts like Stryper, Bloodgood and Anthem. “That’s my favorite album,” Rand says. “It’s kinda like Joss Stone.”

He figures the collection had hundreds of albums in it. “One group I couldn’t find on CD was Vision,” he says. “They had a beautiful version of the 23rd Psalm.”

His collection also had a couple of old concert VHS tapes. He hopes whoever bought the albums will give him a call and work out a trade.

“I have a Nike golf club, and I’d be willing to trade that.”


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  1. Kayeah September 5, 2010 at 6:38 pm #

    The Lord willing—he’ll get them back.;-)

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