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After two-month hiatus, Apple Green returns

3 Jun

Dani Correa is excited about being a little closer to heaviest downtown foot traffic.

Dani Correa, above, and her business partner, Cheryl Wilson, closed their Apple Green store this spring, with hopes of re-opening in time for summer.

Voila, they’re baaaack. Dani says they got the doors open at their new spot on Monday, May 31, and had a healthy surge of shopper activity. That was the reason for moving east from the 400 block of Oak, to get closer to the heaviest downtown foot traffic. So far, so good.

Apple Green is at 110 Oak, the former home to Plush.

Apple Green to … resurface in former Plush space

12 May

Building owner Tom Wood said he had a hot candidate for his space at 110 Oak, formerly occupied by Plush Bed & Bath. And Cheryl Wilson and Dani Correa told me when they closed down Apple Green at its former location in the 400 block of Oak that they hoped to re-open by summer “somewhere closer to 2nd and Oak.”

Let it be so. Wood has leased the former Plush space to Wilson and Correa, who intend to re-open Apple Green by the end of May. Just in time for hordes of summer shoppers, intent on lining their home shelves with decorative items that celebrate the gardening life, though one can’t quite imagine the yard implements at Apple Green ever actually touching, you know, dirt.

Welcome back, ladies. Hope this is the location to beat all locations.

Ink is wet, deal is done, Footwise is moving 3 blocks

16 Mar

The gang at Footwise is excited this afternoon, because the lease has been signed for a new space in the 400 block of Oak Street. That’s right, the purveyor of quality footwear is relocating to the space recently occupied by Apple Green — between Hood River Jewelers and Dog River Coffee. They’ll move inventory the last week of April, and hope to be open sometime around May 1. Stay tuned for updates.

Apple Green closes current site, plans summer re-opening

10 Mar

Cheryl Wilson and Dani Correa, owners of the Apple Green home and garden decor store, have closed their storefront in the 400 block of Oak. They’ve been pondering a move for several months now. In an e-mail note to me, this is how they put it:

“We are in transition mode this week as we move our stock into temporary quarters.  During our hiatus we will be focusing on our web presence, as well as the new location. We will keep you posted with information about our new digs on Oak Street as we get closer to our Summer 2010 re-opening event!”

In previous chats, Cheryl and Dani have expressed an interest in moving east, a bit closer to the nexus of 2nd and Oak. They haven’t said this, so it’s my inference that they think there’s a bit more foot traffic there, hence more potential business.

Just from this perspective, I’m not sure two blocks is going to make all that much difference. For them, I hope I’m wrong. For me, I hope I’m right — because that would mean that shoppers find plenty of reason to head west, not just TO 5th street, but beyond. And in the summertime, they do.

You doubt me? Have you ever seen the throngs of people camped on the lawn in front of Mike’s Ice Cream? They don’t just drop in from space. Many of them walk — past businesses in the 400 block.

Yes, many are kids. But where you find kids, you find parents — with wallets.

Meanwhile, we wish Cheryl and Dani well in the virtual world. Hurry back, ladies.