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In the heart of a librarian beats a … Bottle Shoppe? Yup

12 May

Amanda Goeke is a librarian, once worked at the Parkdale library, now works on-call for the Hood River Library, and hopes — with her partner, Abe Stevens– to open Volcanic Bottle Shoppe, preferrably somewhere up on the Heights.

Last we talked, they were close to inking a lease that would put them midway between the Heights East and Heights West neighborhoods. Cool. That’s walking distance for all those uptown hipsters who like good beer and want to explore what they promise will be a worldly selection of bottled brews not commonly available elsewhere. Hey, with all the great Mexican food in that mini-Hood, you need something to douse the fire.

Details here, when the plans firm up.


City offers free parking to host Hops Fest visitors

29 Sep

Thanks to the City of Hood River, a major booster of the annual Hood River Hops Fest, visitors to the 6th annual event on Saturday, Oct. 3, will get to park anywhere downtown — for free. No parking meters. No tickets. If you’re a merchant, spread the word. If you’re not, leave the spare change at home.

The Hops Fest, by the way, is a great annual event — featuring 25 Northwest craft brewers pouring samples of 50 beers — about half of them cooked using fresh hops. Check it out.

Wind Fest … more buzz in the air

24 Jun

First it was the kiters last weekend (and Thomas the Tank Engine at the Railroad), now it’s the boardheads — and Thomas again.

That’s right, the weekend of June 27-28 not only ushers in another passel of kiddies to check out Thomas, but it also lures boardheads with bulging checkbooks to check out the newest sailing gear. It’s thje annual Wind Fest, organized by the Columbia Gorge Windsurfing Association. Activities this year will be concentrated entirely at the Event Site, whereas in the past the group’s Pray for Wind Party took flight from the waterfront to the Hood River Inn.

If you’ve got a business and want to share a promo coupon, flyer, decals or other giveaway promo crapola, let me know and I’ll get it to the organizers, who are trying to stuff schwag bags for people who win auction items.

What’s on tap? Beer, for one thing, and music, and food. Here’s the schedule.

Wind Fest and Pray for Wind Party

  • Gear Demo: 10-4 Saturday and Sunday  — $5 for CGWA members  $10 for non members    (This is a good time to join or renew if you haven’t gotten around to it )
  • Food by Taco Del Mar and Beer by Full Sail: 12-8 Saturday and 12-4 Sunday
  • Expression Session: 4-6 Saturday
  • Tess Barr’s Blues Band “Live”: 4-9 Saturday
  • Silent Auction of Awesome Swag: 10 a.m. – 7 p.m Saturday
  • Live Auction of Even More Awesome Swag:  7 .p.m  – 8 p.m. Saturday
  • Parking at the Event Site: $3 Season passes honored

Swap Meet
Sunday 7 a.m. to 11 or noon  in the Full Sail Parking Lot to the West of the Full Sail building near the Event Site
Free for Buyers; $10 for Sellers