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Testing our waters, visitors like the temperature

26 May

People are talking about the cool things they’ve found in the Hood. Take the author Make Me Some Pie blog, who reviews and rates the pie at Packer Orchards. Or travel writer David Molyneaux, who recently visited Hood River at the invitation of the Hood River Hotel (after a conference of fellow editors in Portland). He liked what he found. And what he ate. … Speaking of which, people routinely say such nice things about the place we call home, it’s easy to miss the occasional accolade. It was just yesterday that I stumbled across a cool listing compiled by the National Geographic Traveler. They rated the top 133 travel destinations around the world. We’re No. 6! We’re No. 6! Seriously, they picked the Columbia River Gorge of Washington and Oregon as the sixth best. We tied, actually, with the Bavarian Alps, Germany; Yorkshire Dales, England, United Kingdom; Scottish Highlands, United Kingdom; and Torres del Paine, Chile. Only one U.S. destination ranked higher than Hood River. Vermont came in one point up the scale. … Finally got to dip my fork in at the Thai House, up on the Heights. Good stuff. I like that when you ask for some “heat,” they bring the heat. Spice, that is. Some elements of our meal could’ve used a bit more temperature. Prices are pretty darn low. Sustainable? Well, for their sake, I hope so. Don’t know for sure, but I’m guessing that overhead costs are a bit lower on the Heights than at some other Hood addresses. Anyway, a good addition to the local dining scene. Love the serendipity — one of the staff is a great young man, Toby Morus, whose dad owns Phelps Creek Vineyard. They’ve just secured their liquor license, and Toby was saying Phelps Creek may be one of the first wines on the list. Which? We nominate the 2008 Reserve Chardonnay, 92 points in Wine Enthusiast.

Looking for a job, or just curious about who has one?

11 Jun

Check out state workforce report for the Columbia River Gorge. They could be talking about you, even though you’re only a number.