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Cool stuff for the golf nut in your house

9 Jul

I used to golf. My Dad golfed, so it was genetic — I thought. He gave me his clubs, when he went into recovery. I stirred the earth for several years, reducing the worm population and recycling enough beer to drown a journalist.

Then some guy hanging out near the playground offered me a taste of (psst!) windsurfing. Oh, man, I never shoulda done that. Next thing you know, I was selling my clubs and moving to the Hood.

Still, some of my best friends are golfers, not that I’d want my daughter to marry one (their shoes leave marks on the oak floors).

I say all that to acknowledge the passion that golfers bring to their sport. And for true junkies, you gotta go to Golf Etc. in Hood River. Craig Holloway has a great little store (it’s in the complex out between Enterprise Car Rental and Wal-Mart, just north of Pizzicato). He’s got all the schwag — I love the Muppet-like head covers. Also has a putting green, and a computerized tee box where you can analyze your swing, and determine why everything is always going right. Or left. As the case may be.

Plus which, Craig is just a darned nice guy, one of a whole clan of nice people. His mom, Linda, sells Jafra. His sister, Samantha, runs the Balch Hotel. I’m not sure if either of them play golf, but I’m guessing note — they’re entirely too well balanced.