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Nothing yet for Franz Hardware building

22 Jul

Stephen Ford of Current Commercial shared his disappointment at the recent, as he put it, “Dear John” notice from the potential tenant for the former Discover Bicycles location at 2nd and Oak. The wannabe had wanted to put in a spa. Not to be, it seems, so Ford is back in the hunt for someone to anchor that corner.

By the way, if you’ve been concerned about — or the cause of — the proliferation of posters pasted without permission on that dark store’s windows, Ford shares the dismay. He removes them. Like mushrooms, they reappear.

Background, the Downtown Business Council has approached managers of empty stores to offer the temporary use of artwork in those windows, to dress them up at street level. If you’ve got art you’d share for this effort — the committee has other sources identified — feel free to contact me and I’ll relay your offer.

Discover Bicycles will move, probably in November

12 Aug

A recent fixture at the corner of Oak and Second, Discover Bicycles and newish owners Kurt and Ali Buddendeck have abandoned hope of renegotiating their lease and will pull up stakes this fall.

The new location? The former home of Plush, the old Van Meter furniture building at State and Third streets. Buddendeck has had it under lease for awhile, and considered subletting it if he could get better terms where he is. Apparently not to happen.

That leaves some big gaps on Oak Street. Plush, as you may know, is shutting down later this summer — the ads in the paper confirm what the rumors have said for awhile. And North Cheatham is still looking for tenants — two at the ground level — for the space once occupied by former partner Carrie Nelson’s Annz Panz.

And lest we forget, Doug’s is for sale. Tell me the recession isn’t putting the hammer down.