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Salon Visio to relocate in December to former Con Gusto space

31 Jul

Schematics show new home for Salon Visio, with floor plan for interior.

Salon Visio has firmed up a deal to lease the top floor of the gorgeous brick building at 704 Oak Ave.

After years as a church, the building changed hands about 10 years ago. It first housed the Con Gusto restaurant, then the Gorge Grill, and most recently has been home to the offices of Columbia Gorge magazine. The magazine’s offices will remain in the lower level of the former church building.

Stan Aaberg, a partner with James Entwisle in Salon Visio, says the spa now at 310 Oak Ave. (behind Doppio) will relocate to the west after its current lease expires on Nov. 30 — just in time for Christmas.

Remodeling work will begin Sept. 1. Aaberg says the structure will require minimal build-out, because much of the necessary and desirable electrical and plumbing work is already in place as a result of remodeling for prior restaurant use.

“We’re super excited about what we will be able to offer our guests,” Aaberg said.

He said the spa simply ran out of room at its current location. The growth of the Gorge wedding industry, and demand for treatments like pedicures and manicures, facials, massage and body waxing got the owners looking for expansion room.

The new space will let them expand their work force from 8 now to about 22 after the move. They have six hair stations now, and will add four more. The new space will also let them create two treatment rooms and a separate manicure room. They also anticipate being able to offer some services on the front patio, which is screened from the street by an arbor.

They’re also excited that the new site has several on-site parking spaces, plus street frontage.

“The folks at Visio were aware that we had moved CGN-7 Studios to a larger, more accommodating location in The Dalles,” said Cory Bernard, project developer for CGN/Columbia Gorge Magazine. “They came to us with this great idea. The upper level of our building is a perfect match for a salon and spa.”

With the extra space, Aaberg and Entwisle hope to bring in industry experts to provide training to the entire Gorge community of stylists and other personal care professionals.

James Entwisle and Stan Aaberg of Salon Visio.

Aaberg describes himself as the business and marketing side of the partnership, and Entwisle as the creative side. He owned salons in the Tri-Cities area before starting Salon Visio in The Dalles. Aaberg worked in management at K-mart for more than 20 years. Five years ago, they moved to the Hood River space.

“Henry Fischer (their landlord) is a great guy to work with,” Aaberg said. “There was nothing he could do get us more space.”

For several months, Aaberg and Entwisle looked closely at the former Franz Hardware building at 2nd and Oak, but backed away from that site, in part because of the extensive costs associated with plumbing and wiring.

“The new location is truly amazing,” Aaberg said. “It’s a win-win-win.”


Nothing yet for Franz Hardware building

22 Jul

Stephen Ford of Current Commercial shared his disappointment at the recent, as he put it, “Dear John” notice from the potential tenant for the former Discover Bicycles location at 2nd and Oak. The wannabe had wanted to put in a spa. Not to be, it seems, so Ford is back in the hunt for someone to anchor that corner.

By the way, if you’ve been concerned about — or the cause of — the proliferation of posters pasted without permission on that dark store’s windows, Ford shares the dismay. He removes them. Like mushrooms, they reappear.

Background, the Downtown Business Council has approached managers of empty stores to offer the temporary use of artwork in those windows, to dress them up at street level. If you’ve got art you’d share for this effort — the committee has other sources identified — feel free to contact me and I’ll relay your offer.

This ‘n’ that ‘n’ this ‘n’ …

2 Jul

If you’re following the library saga, you know it closed this week. And the county Board of Commissioners has rescheduled a meeting to receive results of polling, and decide what the next ballot proposal will look like. Originally scheduled for July 6, that meeting has been postponed to 1:30 p.m. July 12 at the Board Conference Room, 6th and State. …

OPB covers the library closure

The wheels of tenancy turn slowly. The latest from North Cheatham and the Paris Fair building is that he is working with someone who would like to use the former Annz Panz restaurant space. Said restaurateur has confirmed it, but there are … details. Always, details. The Buzzer knows more, but is sworn to secrecy …

Stephen Ford of Current Commercial is equally optimistic about the details associated with an eager tenant for the Franz Hardware building at 2nd and Oak. “Expect we’ll have that one under contract within a couple of weeks,” Ford says. … And it sounds as if there’s progress on efforts to develop a medical building across from Walgreen’s, on vacant property west of Tucker Road and east of the Columbia Gorge Hood River-Indian Creek campus. Expect firmness by mid-August …

Here’s a credo for you, if you want to survive trying times and evolve with the algae: Never stop learning. Take a class. Learn new software. Explore old software. Learn to become a more polished public speaker. Huh? Who said anything about embarking on the most terrifying of all possible acts (worse than eating live piranhas)? Seriously, though, imagine how valuable you would be to your employer, or how much confidence you would bring to your other business interactions, if you could become a better — i.e. less fearful — speaker? Now, the best news: You can! Join Toastmasters. It’s cheap, it’s fun, it’s supportive, and you WILL move quickly into the top 5 percent of business professionals — the 5 percent who can speak clearly, confidently and well. Want to learn more? Come to a meeting. Noon Fridays, at The Next Door, on 2nd Street between Oak and State. Just come on in. Bring your lunch with. Do it. NOW! (Daddy says). And, um, clean up your room. …

I love the way our downtown wine tasting rooms have staggered their closing hours (no collusion, I’m sure, but it’s a nice accident). Springhouse at 6. Cerulean at 7. Quenett at 8. The Pines at 9. And Naked at 10. Theoretically, you could taste your way around town, emerging sometime after dark and having no idea where you were, or where you’d left your car. Which is just as well.

Still empty, but not for long? We’ll see

30 Apr

Empty storefronts are like an ice hockey smile: You don’t see the teeth; you see the gaps.

People keep asking me, “Is there anybody going into … (insert name of empty space).”

So I asked. The answer? Yes, perhaps and not yet.

North Cheatham has no takers yet for the Paris Fair Building.

Stephen Ford of Current Commercial is guardedly optimistic he’ll have tenants in two prominent spaces under his leasing management — one next to Rosauers in the Hood River Shopping Center on the Heights, and the other in the Franz Hardware Building at 2nd and Oak downtown — what many now refer to as the Discover Bicycles store. He’s hoping to have deals firmed up next week.

And I think I mentioned that Tom Wood says he’s close on a tenant for the former Plush store.

Which leaves Doug’s. Store manager Lori Duffy has been trying to negotiate a deal to buy the store from Doug Campbell, Mark Mason and Stephanie Warren. She tells me today that she’s been working with CenterPointe Bank on loan details, and is optimistic. And a realist.

Originally, the owners had planned to shut Doug’s down in October if a buyer couldn’t be found. Duffy says that plan has changed. Whether she buys it or not, Campbell plans to keep Doug’s open. He would buy out his partners and move ahead as sole owner.

Duffy says the partners are two years into a 10-year lease, so closing down wouldn’t negate that obligation. Best choice? Keep’r going. In which case, Duffy says, she would stay on as manager.

“No matter what, Doug’s is here to stay,” she says.

That’s the best news of all. We didn’t need that corner with an ice hockey smile.

You could help mural restoration project

27 Aug

Maybe you’ve noticed the beautiful new paint job on the mural gracing the west outside wall of the old Franz Hardware building at 2nd and Oak. News: Aliens DIDN’T do it.

People did. With the History Museum of Hood River County. The Museum actually owns the mural. Working with the Hood River Historical Society and the Waucoma Trust, the mural supporters have been working to get it back in shape.

Originally painted in 1985 by Gilbert Clarke and Sons, it was restored and revised in 1995. Now it has received a fresh new look thanks to Artisan Painting owned by Chad Mayo.

The museum needs to raise $1,500 to cover the balance of costs. Here;s some simple math: Say you are one of 30 to 50 people who routinely pass the mural and go to yourself, “Man, that is a COOL mural,” and each of you — learning about the restoration effort — gave $20 to $30.  That would cover it.

OK, get your checkbook, and send moolah to: Mural Restoration Fund c/o of The History Museum, PO Box 781, Hood River, OR 97031. For further information check under What’s Happening on the museum website.