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Recent business comings and (they’re trying to be) goings …

1 Apr

Little scraps of paper you find in your pocket after traipsing around town … Dixie’s Southern Grub (the business, not the building) on the Heights is for sale. Kyle and Jess are asking $50K. Sad news. Really nice people, gave it a good shot. … A stone’s throw east — across the block between 13th and 12th — comes a new eatery, not quite in the same league. It’s a teriyaki chicken place, in the mini-mall across from U.S. Bank. We’ve asked for details, but haven’t heard back yet (man, this is becoming the cheap-eats zone, anchored by Mexican-themed eateries including HR Taqueria, Fiesta El Botanero, Juanita’s, El Monte Taqueria farther south near Bryant Pipe, and  Puerto de Angeles, formerly El Tapatio) … Want to get into the business of selling a little of this, a little of that, much of it to visitors looking to take home a taste of Hood River? Then you should buy The Gift House at 204 Oak Street from Serena and Steve Erspamer. The business (not the building) is listed at $50K. … Word on the street is that another downtown business is also looking for a buyer. No names yet, until I can confirm, but it’s a great location.