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Support Gorge farmers with Market Money

6 Jun

One of the Buzzer’s favorite local bootstrap enterprises is the Gorge Grown Food Network. It promotes local food producers, many of them little guys growing anything and everything we like to eat, including tree fruits but often ranging farther afield — lettuces, beans, root crops, meats, dairy, on and on. They sponsor the weekly Farmers’ Markets, which began June 3 and continue through fall harvest.

If you like the concept, and want to support it, and believe that fresh fruits and veggies are the best health insurance that money can buy (well, a little exercise doesn’t hurt), then check out this new program the GGFN is offering this year. The following is a note I got from the Network, explaining the deal. Take it away,

Dear Local Business Owner,

The Gorge Grown Farmer’s Market is now five years old! Our mission is still to bring the freshest and finest local foods to our vibrant community. We sprouted an idea recently that will provide you with the perfect opportunity to share this bounty with your employees. It enables you to reward your employees while encouraging healthy habits and supporting the continued growth of the farmers’ market.

This year, Gorge Grown Famers’ Market introduces: Market Money! Market Money works just like a gift certificate and is available in $10 denominations. Buy a stack of them and distribute them to show your employees that you care about their health and that you support your local farmers, or simply to reward a job well done. They are an inexpensive and simple way to recognize and reward employees, and can be redeemed at any time during the 2010 market season (June 3 – October 7).

Here are some creative ways Market Money can be used as an incentive or a reward for healthy habits among your employees:

• lunch time walks

• quit smoking for a week

• bike to work 3 times a week

• bring a nutritious lunch dish (with recipe) for five or more co-workers to share

Every Thursday this summer local farmers will be presenting their weekly harvest—fresh from the farm—at the Hood River Middle School from 4pm-7pm. This year, we have added many new farmers and prepared food vendors to join the grass fed beef, artisan cheese, fruits and berries, hot tamales, freshly picked vegetables, and much more. Plus there will be live music, children’s activities, and cooking demonstrations from local chefs. The Gorge Grown Farmers’ Market is the tastiest way to celebrate the summer season!

I am easy to reach at the number below and will gladly deliver Market Money directly to your place of business with a small poster that you can hang in your employee break room reminding them about the market and all it has to offer.

Thank you for helping your community to thrive, from the ground up! See ya at the market…


Todd Dierker

541-399-2840 / todd@gorgegrown.com

Now THIS is local produce

23 Jul

Much written of late about the marketing of certain produce by Safeway, as “local.” In the news business, local was always one of those words that meant nothing, because everything is local, to the place where people encounter it. So it’s safe for Safeway to say it’s fruit is local, because it was grown at a locale, and picked by local workers, and shipped to a locale that is local to the … locals.

OK, we’ ve beat that horse. But in terms of sustainability — that is, how does the product support the local economy, and the environment, and the community — food grown as close to its consumers is what works best. And the Gorge Grown Food Network is our shining light. Not only does it serve up the weekly Farmer’s Market at the Midde School, but it takes its mission on the road, so it can be more local. Learn all about it here, with the current newsletter. Better yet, sign up.