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More vacancies, more space for your next biz

8 Oct

Chuck Beardsley of Hershner & Bell Realty works with a lot of property owners to manage their commercial space downtown. He’s got some vacancies. We’d all love to see them full and full of activity. So, if you’re looking, here’s what Chuck has available …

Suite 227, 214 Cascade, 225 sf second floor, $310 per month

416 Oak St., Oak Mall, 300 sf, $410 p/m

202 Cascade St., Mall 202, 370 sf main floor, $405 p/m

Suite 203, 209 Oak St. (Keir Bldg.), 370 sf on 2nd floor, $380 p/m

Suite 204, 209 Oak St., 715 sf, 3-room second floor, $520 p/m

416 Oak St., Oak Mall, 870 sf main floor, $900 p/m

Suite 202, 209 Oak St., 1,068 sf eight-room second floor office, $900 p/m

Suite 14, 205 Oak St.,, Hall Bldg, 200 sf second floor, $205 p/m

Reach Chuck’s office at 541-386-5555.


A big corner goes looking for business

14 May

Spoke today with North Cheatham, owner of the old Paris Fair building at the corner of 4th and Oak Street, as he was posting up a sign advertising his main level space for lease. He says he has a couple of somewhat serious lookers, but nothing firm yet to replace Annz Panz, which is done with its closeout sale. This is a key location for downtown, and could be a major traffic builder. If you know of anyone looking for a roomy space — one with a nice kitchen already in place — send them to North at 541-386-6784. We asked North to share details about his space, so we could share it with you. Once we get info, we will pass it on.