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Movie Gallery to close Cascade Commons store

28 Mar

This was no surprise. If you didn’t see it coming, you were probably too gorged on popcorn and engrossed in one of the gazillion straight-to-video slasher flicks that seemed to dominate the walls at the Movie Gallery store next to Rite Aid.

I’d been a customer in the early going, but gradually grew weary of circling the store and finding not a thing to rent (that I would want to rent, that is). Oh, sure, they might have had one copy of a decent film, but that was always out. Hmm? Wonder why? Think there might’ve been … oh, what do they call it in Marketing 101? … DEMAND? Maybe if they had two or three more, they could’ve rented those. Ugh-ugh. That would’ve been too easy.

Then along comes this thing called Netflix. And now we have the Red Box, which is also cool, just for those impulse rentals you’re going to watch in 30 minutes after you get the ice cream home and in the freezer.

Retail movie rental chains are the dopes on the ropes. Movie Gallery has been shrinking for years. Blockbuster is getting its clock dusted. Hell, the whole movie industry is in shock, trying to figure out how to migrate to the next delivery platform. And through it all, the public still has a huge appetite for … content. Well, they got that going for them. Which is nice.