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Still empty, but not for long? We’ll see

30 Apr

Empty storefronts are like an ice hockey smile: You don’t see the teeth; you see the gaps.

People keep asking me, “Is there anybody going into … (insert name of empty space).”

So I asked. The answer? Yes, perhaps and not yet.

North Cheatham has no takers yet for the Paris Fair Building.

Stephen Ford of Current Commercial is guardedly optimistic he’ll have tenants in two prominent spaces under his leasing management — one next to Rosauers in the Hood River Shopping Center on the Heights, and the other in the Franz Hardware Building at 2nd and Oak downtown — what many now refer to as the Discover Bicycles store. He’s hoping to have deals firmed up next week.

And I think I mentioned that Tom Wood says he’s close on a tenant for the former Plush store.

Which leaves Doug’s. Store manager Lori Duffy has been trying to negotiate a deal to buy the store from Doug Campbell, Mark Mason and Stephanie Warren. She tells me today that she’s been working with CenterPointe Bank on loan details, and is optimistic. And a realist.

Originally, the owners had planned to shut Doug’s down in October if a buyer couldn’t be found. Duffy says that plan has changed. Whether she buys it or not, Campbell plans to keep Doug’s open. He would buy out his partners and move ahead as sole owner.

Duffy says the partners are two years into a 10-year lease, so closing down wouldn’t negate that obligation. Best choice? Keep’r going. In which case, Duffy says, she would stay on as manager.

“No matter what, Doug’s is here to stay,” she says.

That’s the best news of all. We didn’t need that corner with an ice hockey smile.

No tenant yet for remodeled Paris Fair space

16 Dec

The rumor mill has been churning with regard to who might be setting up house in the Paris Fair building (the former Annz Panz) at 4th and Oak. We’ve been in regular contact with owner North Cheatham. Here’s the latest word from him about progress on finding a tenant:

“Much has been happening since we last talked. The onerous requirements
of Hood River’s building dept pushed project costs so high on the
remodel that the previous prospective tenant decided to bail instead
of incurring their portion of the costs to partition the floor. To
avoid these costs, the entire space will need to be leased to one
business. In addition to a great looking classic storefront, the 1st
floor and mezzanine are way more energy efficient, and fire sprinklers
have been added, reducing future utility and insurance costs.

“The wraps will be coming off the storefront by month’s end to dazzle
residents. Unfortunately, the routed woodwork may not last, since the
improvements exceed those approved by the historic building
authorities in Salem. Its removal may be required to preserve the
building’s favorable tax status.

“The Paris Fair space is once again being actively marketed, and
several parties have expressed interest. No commitments to date,

Don’t hold your appetite –other options on table at Paris Fair

31 Oct

Talked with North Cheatham the other day, and he isn’t holding a torch for the French restaurant he’d been courting as a new tenant at his Paris Fair building, 4th and Oak streets.

Without getting into the gory details, it all boils down to a difference about what should — or shouldn’t — be required to get the space ready for up to 300 occupants (that’s a lot of fois gras, but we digress).

The short of it? North is talking with other potential tenants, the remodel won’t likely be done until around Thanksgiving, and the possibility of some offshoot of Fenouil in the Pearl under the guiding hand of chef Pascal Chureau appears to be heading … South?

So, what might we see there instead? North ain’t sayin’. We’ll stay on top of it. Stay tuned.

Will Paris Fair building host new French bistro in downtown Hood River?

12 Sep

Just spoke with North Cheatham, owner of the old Paris Fair building (former Annz Panz home site) at 4th and Oak streetys, and he’s hot on the trail of a deal that would bring a new French restaurant to downtown Hood River. Now, pay attention: This AIN’T  a done deal. But North is optimistic.

“I’m confident it will go through,” he says. logo

North hopes to lease the entire space to Pascal Chureau, executive chef at Fenouil, “an urban French brasserie in Portland’s Pearl District,” as the web site proclaims.

The stumbling block? Building code and access issues that currently restrict occupancy to 50 or fewer people. 

Meanwhile, North plans to totally revamp the storefront with a lot of natural wood and other, more contemporary touches. If all goes according to plan, he hopes for a Nov. 1 opening.

“There’s nothing Pascal would like more than to put French cuisine in the Paris Fair building.”

No news on Annz, but sniffers

27 May

Talked briefly this morning with North Cheatham, owner of the old Paris Fair building at 4th and Oak, which was the recent home of Annz Panz. No news yet on a replacement tenant, although North says he’s had serious inquiries from people interested in the space. He’s contemplating a facelift, and a north-south split to create two smaller spaces. One, on the east side, would remain optimized for restaurant use.  Much of the gear is in place, and would come with the lease rate. He’s looking at $1.50 to $1.60 a square foot. The west side would be perfect for … your burning ambition? Get on it. And stay tuned.